Perfect way to start the journey - my inflight reading, picked from the Dulles newsstand, was a special issue of ” The Africa Report” featuring the 50 women shaping Africa: boundary pushers, money makers and trend setters. It showcases African women of talent and enterprise, of hard work and visionary thinking. They range from civil servants reporting to work for very little money, workers striving in uncertain economic times, small scale subsistence farmers, athletes, activist blogger, business icons, Africa’s first black female winemaker to the Presidents, first ladies and singers. And what I like the most about the list is the very last ( but not the least in any possible way) - the Everywoman - a homage to continent’s 500 million women who did not make it to the list, but who toil everyday to make ends meet, to build families and nations. It is enterprise of everywoman that Solar Sister is using to spread ¬†light, hope and opportunity across the continent. One day, we will have everywoman ‘Solar Sister’ as part of the list! Read more about the report here.